Cody Firestorm Is a member of Team STORM Chasers. He was oringinally known as Champion. He is 15


Is the tough guy, and a good haggler. However, he's secretly a brony.


Wears a T-shirt along with some shorts and a belt with a HUGE buckle. He has black hair and brown eyes. He has a tan, almost sun-burned complexion




Trent Summers: Gets along well, and they are both the same age.

Kevin Summers: Is a little in-patient around him, but they are still friends never the less.

Catera Suno: Respects her as she is the daughter of Jeredy Suno.

Hydrafyre: Works well with his monsuno, and prefers to weaken the opponent with small, fast attacks then take them out while they're tired with one big attack.