Koll is the driven leader of Ordinance Cores, he is a 17 year old who wishes for Core Tech's plans to succeed. His favourite Monsuno is Harvester.




Chase is a good friend of Koll and is the first to meet him, they sometimes don't get along, but Koll is always happy to fight aside him.


At first, Jinja didn't trust him, but they slowly develope a friendship and then been able to trust eachother.


Bren thought that a person from another team wouldn't work, but they seem to trust eachother neverless.


Dax didn't complain when Koll helped them, and they soon became friends. Though Koll doesn't sometimes like Dax's loud-mouthiness.


Beyal is Koll's best friend. He always know that he would give him advise when he stumbles into thought.


Catera is Koll's most thanked and favourite(not crush) female friend in CTC. He grew that strong friendship after she captured his evil alter ego, Hawk. Eventually, they became very good partners in Monsuno combat.


Hawk is Koll's evil alter ego, and his ego was who first met TCT, and he planned to capture Catera, thinking that would stop "The prophercy." Although he sounds evil, he takes good care of Cat in hostage, and played a game of checkers while discussing he captured her. Later in her dreams, it was revealled that Koll was Hawk and he had to take off the armour and destroy it so he can't turn back into him. She does so by battling Hawk and using her Monsuno to drop him into a small vat of Pure Monsuno Eccence, but removing the armour first so it was only that that fell in. Hawk's Ego and armour got then turned into a hawk-like monsuno which is used by Koll for desperate mesures.