Profile Name Jinora Age 10-12 (kid) Gender female Race Human Faction Core-Tech Monsuno Boost and



Jinora is the kid of Jinja and Dax and sister of Daived. She appears to have strong relationships with both of her friends, even though she frequently argues with Laura. Even though it isn't strongly hinted yet, there may be some romance in the air between her and Lux(Beyal`s kid). that is implied through subtle moments in each episode of the series.


Jinora is well-educated and cultured, but prefers the rougher adventures of life. She has a strong sense of fairness and justice, and is very intolerant of cheaters, liars and thieves just like her mother. Jinora is strong-willed and focused but highly emotional and sometimes unpredictable. Jinora is a huge tomboy that isn't afraid to fight with the boys when they come across trouble with their enemies. It is shown that Jinora doesn't like cold weather just like her mother!

Physical Appearance she has light blown eyes, light brown skin and brown long dread hair. She wears the Strike Squad