???) Need some help?

Kevin) Help would be appreicated.

Trent ) Any Help at all. Pheburn, Inferno wall!

Pheburn) SCREEEEEEEEEEEE! *Makes a wall of flames that reflects Driftblade's attack

???) Wolfblade, Launch! *Throws a blue core at Steel Swarm and a wolf-like monsuno emerges to next Steel Swarm*


Wolfblade's Core) Health at 100%

???) *Jumps in next to Trent* I'm Catera Suno by the way. Who are you?

Trent) Catera Suno? As in Jeredy Suno's daughter?

Catera) Yup, that's the one.

Kevin) Scaled Barrier! I'm Kevin Summers. And that's my older brother, Trent Summers. Nice to meet you!

Steel Swarm) SSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *glows green and another one of Driftblade's attacks bounce off*

Catera) These S.T.O.R.M scum are getting on my last nerve! Wolfblade, Bitter Bite!

Wolfblade) AWOOO! *Bites Driftblade, but it's shield protects it*

Charlemagne) Trying to defeat Driftblade with such a weak attack is like fighting a tank with a butter knife! Driftblade, Glory Tail!

Driftblade) RAWR! *whips Wolfblade with it's tail*

Wolfblade's Core) 34% Health Remaining

Trent) If we're going to break through that shield, we're going to have to hit it all at once!

Kevin) Agreed. Catera, you up for it?

Catera) Yeah, let's do this!

Trent) Pheburn, Blazing Overdrive!

Pheburn) SCREEEE! *Breathes a stream of fire onto the shield*

Catera) Wolfblade, Fury Fangs!

Wolfblade) GRRR... *Bites the shield repeatedly*

Kevin) Steel Swarm, Poison Spit!

Steel Swarm) SSSS... *spits blobs of posion on the shield*

???) Lock, Launch! *throws a core behind Driftblade and a polar bear like Monsuno emerges* Power Harness!

Lock) RAWR! *punches the shield, and it breaks through and all attacks hit Driftblade*

Driftblade's Core) 0%

Charlemagne) You got lucky this time. Driftblade, Return! *Holds out core and Driftblade rushes back into it's core* I'll get you next time! *shoots a grappling hook into the the S.T.O.R.M Air ship and gets back in*

???) *Jumps from building* Hey Catera. Who's your friends?

Catera) Oh, hi Chase. These are Trent and Kevin Summers

Trent) Heyo.

Kevin) I'm a huge fan of your dad's work! Er.. I mean hi.

Chase) Dax Found a lead on dad's location in this city. Wanna come and help find him?

Catera) You know it! Guys, do you want to come along?

Kevin) *thinking* If we find him i could get his autograph and praise from Chase and Catera... *out loud* I'm in!

Trent) I'm in too.

Chase) Great! We'll leave first thing tommorow!

All) Return! *all monsuno rush back into their respective cores*

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Monsuno Explosion! Episode 3