*Eklipse Members swarm into the room and point laser guns at Trent, Chase, Catera and Kevin*

Kevin) Again, they got the good stuff! DX

Trent) *Has a smoke grenade behind his back*

Ekilpse Member 1) Hands up where i can see them.

Trent) *Drops smoke grenade, and it detonate, filling the room with black smoke*

Chase) *Jumps into a air vent and helps everyone up*

  • Smoke clears*

Trent) You're welcome.

Kevin) Augumon give us the quickest way out!

Augumon) *Turns on fans in the vent and we get rocketed outside the building*

Catera) That was a bit dangerous...

Chase) But we got out.

???) Not so fast!

Chase) Emanuel Klipse!

Klipse) You kids aren't getting anywhere.

Trent) Me and Kevin got this guy. Catera, Chase we'll meet you out side.

Kevin) Yeah! Wait... I can't believe you dragged me into this Trent! DX

Klipse, Trent and Kevin) Launch! *They throw their cores and they collide with eachother, and their monsuno emerge*

All cores) 100% Health

Klipse) Backslash, Dynamo Streak!

Backslash) RAWR! *Charges energy in mouthc and then fires it in one big burst at Steel Swarm

Kevin) Scaled Barrier!

Steel Swarm) HISSSS! *Glow green the attack bounces off harmlessly*

Trent) Pheburn, Blazing Overdrive!

Pheburn) SCREEEE! *Breaths a intense stream of flames on Backslash*

Backslash's Core) 83% Health remaining

  • All the anti-air defenses suddenly aim at Backslash*

Augumon) I hacked the anti-air defenses. FIRE!

  • A bunch of riduculously overpowered weapons fire on Backslash*

Klipse) That's not regulation!

Trent and Kevin) Titan Attack!

  • Pheburn creates a ring of fire around Steel Swarm, which has a vacuum effect and pulls opponent monsuno in*
  • Backslash is pulled in, burned and attacked by Steel Swarm*

Backslash's Core) 0%

Klipse) Return! *backslash returns to the core* You got lucky...

Trent and Kevin) Return! * Their monsunos return to their cores*

Trent) Lets meet back up with Chase and Catera.

Kevin) Right! *Starts running out of the building*

Chase) You guys did good. Would you like to join Team Core-Tech?

Trent) Naw. We still have to defeat S.T.O.R.M.

Chase) Catera, You want to join?

Catera) No thank you. You guys have 5 members. these guys could use the extra help.

Chase) Ok. I'm fine with that. * Flies off one Evo* Bye!

Kevin) Team S.T.O.R.M Chasers! Woot!

Trent) Team S.T.O.R.M Chasers?

Kevin) Yeah it's what i'm naming our team.

Catera) I like it!

Trent) We need some new recruits. Let's check in the next town over.

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 6