(Team S.T.O.R.M Chasers is looking for recruits in a nearby town)

Kevin) For the largest town in the area, this place looks prettty deserted.

  • flyer rolls by*

Trent) *picks up flyer* No wonder this place is deserted. There's a Monsuno Tournament downtown.

Catera)Then let's head over there! We're bound to find some recruits there!

(The team enters the building and gets a seat in the arena)

Trent) *yawns* This is boring. All the Controllers are weak.

Kevin) The only good thing here is the food. *Eating a hot dog*

Catera) Yeah, i kinda regret coming also. Let's leave.

  • all are about to get up*

Announcer) And Joe won! Let's see if he has the skills to face the champion!

Trent Kevin and Catera) Champion? *sits back down*

Champion) *Jumps from the stands* Hydrafyre, Launch! *Throws a blue core*

Joe) Pheonic, Launch! *Throws his core*

  • Both cores collide and a Hydra and Baby Phoenix come out of the cores*

Champion) Rescrictor Fang!

Hydrafyre) RAWR! *All the heads bite Phoenic and it returns to the core*


Announcer) Does anyone else want to face the champion?

  • Everyone's hand in the stadium is down execpt Trent's*
  • Jumbotron zooms in on Trent*

Announcer) What's your name boy?

Trent) Trent Summers.

Announcer) It seems Trent Summers wants to face off with the champion!

Kevin) Good luck bro.

Catera) Try to avoid those fangs.

Trent) Thanks and I will. *Jumps onto the ring*

Champion) You got some spunk willingly wanting to fight me.

Trent) I'm stronger than I look. *grins*

Champion and Trent) Launch! *Throws their cores and they collide*

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 7