Champion) Restrictor Fangs!

Hydrafyre) RAWR! *tries to bite Pheburn, but it misses*

Trent) Wing Embers!

Pheburn) SCREEEE! *Flaps wings and silvery embers are shot onto Hydrafyre*

Hydrafyre's Core) 72% Health

Champion) Mythic Strafe!

Hydrafyre) *Fires balls of energy from each of it's mouths*

Trent) Inferno Wall!

Pheburn) *Makes a wall of fire which the energy bounces off of and back at Hydrafyre*

Hydrafyre's Core) 23% Health

Trent) Let's finish this! Illusionary!

Pheburn)*Splits itself into 10 copies*

  • the nine fake Pheburn ram into Hydrafyre and explode*

Champion) Nice job Trent. Return! *Hydrafyre rushes back into it's core*

Trent) Same. Return! *Pheburn comes back to it's core*

Champion) *unbuckles his belt and hands it to Trent along with a cup full of money

Kevin) WOOT! TRENT! Wait, is that... MONEY?! O_O

Catera) That's alot money...

Trent) *Raises Championship belt* YEAH! That's right! I'm awesome!

Announcer) We have a winner! *Gasps* What's that in the sky?!

Crowd) *Is in a frenzy to leave the stadium*

Catera) S.T.O.R.M had to find us. *jumps into the ring*

Kevin) *sighs* S.T.O.R.M had to follow us here. *jumps into the ring*

  • 5 Airsites, Riccoshot and Blackbullet come out of the cores and surround the ring*

Trent) Oh krag...

Monsuno Explosion! Episode 8