Moonshine is Catera's fourth and one of her most trusted Monsuno. Moonshine was given to Catera by Trent Summers , whose father owned Uprising Inc. , a company who manufactured silver Monsuno and whose cores were silver. Just like Wolfblade, Moonshine is very loyal and will try all she can to protect Catera, Trent, Kevin, and the Core-Tech team. But she mostly tries to protect Catera, Trent, and Kevin.


Moonshine is all white and has red-brown eyes. She is most active at night, especially with a full moon out. Even though she's a night Monsuno, she still can battle great in the daytime.


  • Moon Reflect (more damage at night)
  • Tail Whip
  • Fury Fangs
  • Block
  • Heal
  • Special Move: Nocturnal Howl (more damage at night)

Vital statistics
Title "Silver Fox"
Gender Female
Race Monsuno
Faction Uprising Inc.