Nightstorm: Catera's newest partner given to her by Chase and her Dad

Nightstorm is Catera Suno's newest and most trusted partner. Since Wolfblade has been acting weird latley, Catera decided that she and Nightstorm will try and bond by Catera making Nightstorm her main Monsuno like Lock is with Chase. Just like many of her other Monsuno, Nightstorm is very loyal and protective and only listens to Catera and sometimes, on rare ocassions, Chase and Dr. Suno. Catera has bonded with Nightstorm very well and they plan on being friends for a long time.


Nightstorm is a coal black and aqua blue fox. She is half bat so she has bat wings which she can't really fly with. The large blue mark on Nightstorm's tail reminds Catera of a blue flame, almost causing her to name Nightstorm something else like Aquafire instead of her name now. She also has blue eyes and long blue bangs that hangs in front of her left eye.


  • Night Howl
  • Midnight Bite
  • Scratch Attack
  • Block
  • Hibernate (Healing move)
  • Special: Thunder Rain