Team Ordinance

Info And symbol


Ordinance Cores is Koll's team of Controllers that wish to protect the ancestors of the 5 tribes.

Core infoEdit

  • The core colour is a Baby Powder colour(#FEFEFA) which is a white colour.
  • All members(except Koll, who mines his from a small wetland{except Recon and Stamina, who is from a swamp}) get their cores from marshlands.
  • 55% of Ordinance Cores are bird like.
  • The only pure monsuno eccence core is Hawk

Known membersEdit

  • Koll Trusama: Leader
  • Gorusa Trusama: Second in Command
  • Tiff Elexika: Officer


The symbol is a 6 point star inside a 5 point star, inside a 4 point star