Sammy White

First Appearance:


Voiced By:

Stana Katic


14 - 15




Human/Wild Core Wolf


Uses Multiple Factions


MantleCore, SnakeShadow, SkyBreaker, BladeKnight

Samantha White or Sammy, as she's most oftenly called, is the main protagonist of Shadows of The Core. Her Monsuno's are MantleCore, SnakeShadow, SkyBreaker and BladeKnight.


Many phrases can describe Samantha White but is "part Monsuno" one of them? After a freak accident with a Wild Core, her already crazy life is suddenly turned on it's head. Now she must travel through the world of Monsuno to find the secret of these cores, and maybe make a few new friends along the way. But is this secret at least a 100 times what she expected?


Sam's main feature is her volcanic temper, one almost as bad as her Wild Core Monsuno, MantleCore's. Some speculate that the Lava Slash core is mostly the cause of this. Nevertheless, this 14-year old has a strong drive to win and is fully aware of her power to back it up. She isn't afraid to take on other Monsuno or their controllers like the fearsome Backslash or DriftBlade.

Even though her uncle is affiliated with the Eklipse faction, Sammy has a strong sense of "right from wrong" and refuses to let innocence be hurt. Whether these innocence are cevillians or S.T.O.R.M elites caught in a moment of weakness.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sammy is a 14-year old teenage girl of average height and build, with sunkissed skin and hot pink eyes. Her hair is bright red, short at the back (reaching her shoulders) with a messy, black tipped fringe style. Massive scars she obtained in chapter 4 line the right side of her upper-body, including her waist, arm, part of her neck and the entirety of her face.

In the first few chapters of Shadow of the Core, Sam's attire consisted of a dull red T-shirt, light wash jeans and ankle high flat brown boots. In chapter 5, upon realising that S.T.O.R.M was on her trail, her attire took on a large change to help throw them off and stayed that way for the majority of the series.

This new attire consists of a persian indigo, short-sleeved jacket with a hood to cover her face if neccesary. Underneath it, she wore a white long-sleeved shirt, black track pants and sneakers with a white heel, toe and persian indigo laces. The Lava Slash wild core (aquired in Chapter 1) is openly seen dangling around her neck from a small silver chain.

A Core-Tech variatian of a battle bandolier deals the perpous of a belt, acompanied with a S.T.O.R.M stock-clip. The rest of her gear is stored in the backpack she carries with her outside of battle.


The Awakening Saga
Opponant(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
S.T.O.R.M Elites 2 Win
Dom Pyro 3 Win
Dr. Klipse 4 Lose
Dr. Klipse 6 Win