First appearence Monsuno Explosion! Episode 1

The older brother of Kevin Summers. He is a reckless kinda guy who has a powerful bond between his Monsuno Pheburn. He is also the more physically fit of the brothers. He is 15.
Trent full body shot

Trent Summers


Kevin: Has a good bond with his brother, but they still fight often

Charlemagne: Has a huge grudge against her and all the S.T.O.R.M forces due to a bad past with them

Pheburn: The feeling is mutual here. Pheburn is very protective of Trent and vice versa.

Catera Suno: Is thankful for her saving him and his brother from Charlemagne in Monsuno Explosion! Episode 2.

Chase Suno: Is close friends with Chase and looks up to him.


Good, uses some Core-Tech cores but mostly has Uprising Incorparations (His dads company) who produce silver and gold cores.


His skin is a little more tan then his brother. He has green eyes a brown hair. Wears a blue shirt with a gold core printed on the front