Wolfblade owned by Monsuno Controller, Catera Suno

Wolfblade is Catera Suno's third and one of her most trusted Monsuno. He is very loyal and tries hard to protect Catera and the Core-Tech team. He thinks that if he can get along with Catera and her friends, then everyone one, Monsuno and mankind alike, can get along and coexist peacefully too.

Her father Jeredy Suno gave her the Monsuno after he first dissapeared. She found Wolfblade in a bio-safe and soon figured out how to control the monster in which she later named Wolfblade, who was a black, white and navy wolf who was very loyal.


Wolfblade has black, navy and white fur. He is very strong. So strong, that he can carry Catera and two of her friends. He has very sharp claws and a sly look on his face.


  • Bitter Bite
  • Heal
  • Block
  • Special Move: Fury Fangs